As I write these words on Independence Day, July 4, 2016, America is in crisis. A relentless predator roams the land. Its cage, designed by James Madison and built at the Constitutional Convention in 1787, lies in ruin.

The cage's first-line defenders have gone missing. Drawn from the ranks of our federal government's executive, legislative, and judicial branches, these paid public servants aided the wolf's escape by fleeing their posts. As so often happens with deserters, they cut a deal with their former adversary. They became allies of the wolf.

In pledging their allegiance to the forces of unconstrained government, these turncoats switched sides in the eternal war of power against freedom. They proceeded to commit innumerable crimes against the Constitution in the service of their new master.

Their betrayals have severely eroded our nation's traditional values of personal responsibility, individual achievement and private charity. At this very moment, these disciples of the wolf are close to fulfilling their master plan to transform America into a spineless entitlement state populated by perpetual adolescents begging for scraps from Washington, D.C.

Even now, they are forging the shackles which will return us to a bondage which our ancestors escaped by fighting a long and bloody revolution 240 years ago. George Washington's warning about the perpetual threat of government becoming our "fearful master" has never been more applicable.

If America is to be saved from this fate, we the people must boldly declare that the federal government has become a criminal enterprise dedicated to the destruction of freedom. We must resolve never to raise the white flag of surrender to outlaw politicians, judges, and bureaucrats, not if our nation is to remain the land of the free and the home of the brave.

Also, we must acknowledge that politicians won't fix what's been so badly broken. Trusting them to do so would be as foolish as a shepherd relying on the wolf for the health and safety of the flock.

Make no mistake, as responsible citizens, we must remain fully engaged in the political process. In choosing candidates for elective office, however, we must be ever mindful of the timeless truth that there are only two kinds of politicians: Those that are corrupt and those that will be corrupt. On this the science is settled.

To restore honesty and integrity to government, and to save our elected officials from the corrupting effects of power, we must resolve to clean house on a regular basis. We must work to eliminate career politicians, the seniority system, and lifetime-tenured judges. As compassionate, caring human beings, we can do less. We must save them from themselves.

In the time-honored tradition of previous generations, we should enter the voting booth with a single, overriding goal: Throw the bums out. Lest there be any confusion, a bum is anyone who refuses to leave office, to pack up, to go home, to live with the messy, real world consequences of their actions.

Truth be told, not even removing every elected and appointed office holder in Washington, D.C. would guarantee the survival of freedom. Power and human nature being what they are, their replacements would soon yield to the temptations of unconstrained government. Regardless of party, in seeking to retain their positions and expand their power, they would become worshippers at the altar of the wolf.

This simple truth accounts for the incessant growth of government regardless of which political party holds power. It also explains why throwing the bums out is not enough. We must do more.

As did our nation's founders, we must put our lives, fortunes and sacred honor on the line in defiance of a lawless government. We must heed the fearless counsel of Thomas Jefferson, who proclaimed in the Declaration of Independence that, "when a long Train of Abuses and Usurpations...evinces a Design to reduce [the people] under absolute Despotism, it is their Right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future Security" (my emphasis).

I have created this website to recruit New Guards dedicated to rescuing America. Volunteers will assume the role of constitution enforcement officers (CEO's). They will replace the turncoats who once served as its first-line defenders. If freedom is to survive, we the people must always be its defenders of last resort.

Our immediate objective is rebuilding the wolf's cage, which successfully constrained the beast for well over two centuries. We must then drive our renegade federal government back within its original, constitutional constraints.

The federal government will not voluntarily relinquish its stolen powers. Neither will its legions of alphabet-agency enforcers willingly depart from our homes, churches and schools. Unless forced to do so, the wolf will never return to its cage.

For this reason, we must take back all but the government's original, strictly-limited and enumerated powers. We must ignore the unlawful dictates of politicized judges and career politicians who have violated their oaths of office by distorting, defiling and defying the Constitution.

Our task is daunting. The risks are enormous. As is well-known, the wolf becomes particularly vicious when its chosen meal refuses to be eaten. Those who resist will face its wrath. Such is the price of freedom.

We the people must choose. We can shirk our duty and submit to the peddlers of dependency and captivity. We can live in chains as servants of the wolf. In doing so, we will seal our nation's fate. We will bequeath to generations yet unborn a cold, dark and joyless America.

Or we can resist this socially-engineered decline and fall of the American Republic. If we have the courage to stand united and act as one, we will create a tsunami of liberty to cleanse the corruption which has contaminated Washington, D.C. If we humble ourselves and seek the blessing of "divine Providence" as did Thomas Jefferson and our Founding Fathers in the Declaration of Independence, we cannot fail in our sacred quest to restore the American dream of freedom and opportunity.

If we are to accomplish our mission, we must fight. The cause is just. The hour is late. The time is now to engage the enemy. We must never bow to the wolf. Let's roll!